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KARS Foxhunts for 2024...

(The June 8th hunt has been rescheduled to June 15th because of Field Day)
June 15
June 29
So get your equipment ready, the start time is 1pm as usual.

Craig N9FD will be the fox June 15th
Hunt Time:
1:00PM - 2:30PM
Date: June 15th 2024
Hope to see you there!

  Dinner afterward to be determined before the start of the hunt.
Foxhunters everywhere are always invited to join us

Note: (We are conducting KARS Foxhunts under "Total Mileage" rules.
i.e., lowest mileage wins, NOT TIME.)
Rules and directions are listed at the bottom of this page.
April 2004 CQ Magazine
                  - Page 20 - 22
KARS Fox Hunting featured in the
April 2004 "CQ Magazine Article"
announcing National Fox Hunt
Weekend (NFW 2004), (Pages 20, 22)
Check out Photos and story from
CQWW National Foxhunt Weekend Results
NFW '08  May 10, 2008
May 2001 CQ Magazine
                    - Page 32
KARS Fox Hunters featured in the
May 2001 "CQ Magazine Article"
announcing National Fox Hunt
Weekend (NFW 2001), (Page 32)
April 2003 CQ
                    Magazine - Page 52
KARS Fox Hunters featured again, in the
April 2003 "CQ Magazine Article"
announcing National Fox Hunt
Weekend (NFW 2003), (Pages 52, 54)

Thanks to "CQ Amateur Radio Magazine"
and Joe Moell, K0OV
We appreciate the notoriety very much!

Directions to Meadowview Shopping Center
(Foxhunt Starting Point)

The starting place for KARS fox hunts
is at the Meadowview Shopping Center
parking lot just west of the cinema.

Check out the small map below to Meadowview.

If you would like to get involved
but are not sure how to get started,
come on out, or send an e-mail to me N9IO,
we'll get you hooked up with a hunter
that would be glad to show you the ropes!

After the hunt is over
the group meets for pizza or whatever to swap hunt stories...

Looking forward to meeting you there!
73 from Clay, N9IO...

Map to the Meadowview Shopping
            Center, where the foxhunt starts
Here is a map of the area that will help get you to the
Meadowview Shopping Center.
The parking lot is the X 'ed oval area.
The map is not to scale, but should serve as a good guide
for those not familiar with the area.
Meadowview is at the SE corner of
Kennedy Dr (Rt 45) and Brookmont Blvd.

KARS Foxhunts start in the parking area just west of the cinema
in the middle of the Meadowview Shopping Center.

KARS Foxhunt Articles and Photos
in KARS Key Klicks Newsletters

All other Foxhunts from 2014 on
covered in the
KARS Key Klicks Newsletter pdf's...

KARS Foxhunt Photo html Pages

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National Foxhunt Weekend - 2000

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KARS Foxhunt Photos - November 4, 1999
KARS first night hunt

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National Foxhunt Weekend - 1999

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KARS Foxhunt Photos - October 10, 1998

KARS Foxhunt Photos - September 3, 1998

KARS Foxhunt Photos - August 6, 1998

KARS Foxhunt Photos - July 2, 1998

KARS Foxhunt Photos - June 10, 1998


WB2HOL and K0OV at Dayton
        HamVention 1999
This was taken at the 1999 Dayton HamVention®
Foxhunting / ARDF program.  (N9IO photo)

At left is foxhunting antenna
builder / designer Joe Leggio WB2HOL.

On the right is Joe Moell K0OV, writer of
CQ magazines® Homing In Column.

Both Joe's were guest speakers
for the morning Foxhunt / ARDF talks.

K9IOC, N9IO and WB2HOL at Dayton
          HamVention 1999
L-R is my son Chip K9IOC, myself Clay N9IO and Joe Leggio WB2HOL
at the Dayton HamVention® ARDF Forum in 1999.
Joe is showing one of his "Tape Measure" hand held yagi antenna designs.  (K9QT photo)

Brief Story Dayton Hamvention 1999:
Friday, the day before the fox hunt program  there was a rather large group of enthusiastic
fox hunters gathered around one of the outdoor vendors that was selling fox hunt transmitters.
I stopped and soon Marvin Johnston KE6HTS struck up a nice conversation about t-hunts and the like.
I didn't find out till the next morning that Marvin was one of the featured guest speakers of the ARDF talks.
Very nice down to earth fellow indeed.  Marvin is mentioned throughout Homing-In.

Links to Other
Foxhunting Websites Around the World

~ Foxhunting Websites in the USA ~

HOMING IN -- Radio Direction Finding with Joe Moell, KØOV
Everything you ever needed to know
about radio direction finding
by ARRL and CQ's Foxhunting Guru Joe Moell K0OV.

with Joe Leggio WB2HOL

Chicago Area Foxhunt Schedule

Chicago FM Club 2M Foxhunt Results (CFMC)

OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society - K8SCH

South Shore Fox Hunters Web Page
in Eastern Massachusetts.

Albuquerque Transmitter Hunters

N6QAB's Radio Direction Finding Web Page

ROCA Radio Orienteering In A Compact Area - KQ6XA

Piedmont Transmitter Tracking
North Carolina

~ Foxhunting Websites in Australia ~

Victorian ARDF Group

Neil VK1KNP - Fox Hunt - ARDF Page


~ Foxhunting Website in Croatia ~

ARDF Nederland - PB2RDF

World Links - PB2RDF

KARS Foxhunt Rules

KARS Fox Hunts are "mobile hunts"
conducted on the input of the
KARS 146.34 / 94 repeater system.

Good old American style transmitter
hunts done from your automobile!

KARS "only rules" for our
fox hunts are as follows.

"The Fox" must be:

1) Somewhere in Kankakee County.

2) On public property, (publicly accessible).

3) The fox cannot move. (Go mobile).

4) The fox must transmit for around
30 to 45 seconds duration.
Transmissions should not be
less than 90 seconds apart.

5) Transmissions will be conducted on 146.34 Mhz.
(Unless noted otherwise)

6) NO HINTS please.

5) Power changing is OK.

6) Polarity changing is OK.

7) The fox should not announce
when he / she has been found please.

8) Pretty much anything else goes.

9) Please DRIVE SAFELY !!!

10) We are now under mileage rules.
Lowest mileage wins!

11) Two hour rule.
Hunt is over at 2 hours then we
meet at a predetermined restaurant.

Again, Please DRIVE SAFELY !!!

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