KARS Repeaters, EchoLink,
APRS and DX Cluster

KARS 146.34/94 tower site


KARS operates FM repeaters on

146.940 (- 600 kHz) (107.2 hz PL)
145.130 (- 600 kHz) (107.2 hz PL)
444.800 (+ 5 mHz) (100.0 hz PL)

W9AZ /R  (Echolink W9AZ /EL)
((Echolink Node 517002 W9AZ-R))
146.940 mHz (- 600 kHz) (PL 107.2 in)(PL 107.2 out)
at 325 feet

Pictured at left is the KARS (146.940 mHz) repeater system tower.
This system has a tremendous coverage footprint.
The repeater is a Motorola Quantar.

100 watt transmitter.

S-COM Industries Controller
Commercial audio mixer.

Phone patch for member use.
911 feature direct to Kankakee County Police.
Commercial generator power back-up system.

The receive antennas at the top are 4-bay ASP folded dipoles at 430 feet.

Transmit antennas are two 4-bay ASP folded dipoles at 325 feet fed in phase on opposing sides of the tower to ensure an omni pattern.

W9AZ (146.940 mHz) Motorola 2m Quantar Repeater and interface punch blocks pictured below
W9AZ 2m Quantar
                repeater 146.94 mhz
W9AZ 2m Quantar
                repeater 146.94 mhz
Interface to the
                W9AZ 2m Quantar repeater 146.94 mhz
Interface to the
                W9AZ 2m Quantar repeater 146.94 mhz

meets every Monday night
at 2100 CST (9pm)
On 146.34 / 94
Everyone is welcome to check in!

146.34 / 94 is also the
talk-in repeater of
KARS Annual Hamfest
in Peotone, Illinois
held at the Will County Fairgrounds.

444.800 mHz (+ 5 mHz) (100.0 hz PL tone)
at 300 feet

The 440 machine is a Motorola MSR 2000 UHF system.

100 watt transmitter.

S-COM Industries Controller

Phone patch for member use.
911 feature direct to Kankakee County Police.

The antennas are 16-bay ASP folded dipoles at 300 feet.

Feedline is Heliax.

                W9AZ-2 APRS Digi cabinet and equipment - University Park
                near Gov State Univ.
W9AZ-2 University Park, IL
at Governor State Univ

The KARS W9AZ-1 and W9AZ-2
((W   I   D   E)) Area APRS Super-Digipeater Heights
W9AZ-1 at 300 feet
W9AZ-2 at 440 feet
144.390 mHz
KARS most recent APRS Super-digipeater was purchased by KARS and installed by Clay, N9IO and Don, K9NR in Oct 2008.  Located in west Kankakee, IL in the heart of Kankakee county at 300 feet W9AZ-1 gives outstanding total coverage of Kankakee county and well beyond.  Equipped with a Kantronics KPC3+ ver 9.1 tnc and Yaesu FT-1500m (50 watts) into an 11" diameter bandpass cavity.
KARS original APRS Packet Radio system W9AZ-2 was purchased by KARS and put together by Gary, KA9MNX now (AI4JA), John, WD9AYI and Howard, AK9F in 2001.

W9AZ-2 has been ON THE AIR since (Jan 11, 2001) from the big tower at Governors State University, operated by AK9F.
Transmitting from an antenna at the 440 foot level of the tower, the signal can be heard over a very large area of Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana.  It is about full-scale on my handheld here in Kankakee, about 26 airline miles from the tower.
W9AZ-2 is running the Kantronics KPC3+ Ver 8.3 tnc and Yaesu 2m radio and 11" diameter bandpass cavity.

Our appreciation goes out to Gary, KA9MNX (AI4JA) for really spear-heading the original effort in 2001 to provide this service under the KARS banner.  Gary's vision has blossomed into a well organized APRS network for the entire region.

Mention needs to be made to the Super-digi sponsored by our sister club to our south in Iroquois county at Watseka, IL the Iroquois County Amateur Radio Club ICARC.
AD9L-1 is running the Kantronics KPC3+ Ver 8.2 tnc.

Between these three super digi's our two clubs have provided solid APRS digipeater messaging and GPS positioning coverage down the I-57 corridor from Southern Cook and Will county down to northern Vermilion and Ford counties.  The three also provide digi coverage down I-65 in Indiana from Lake to Newton counties. W9AZ-1 is also covering down the I-55 corridor in SW Will, Eastern Grundy and Northeastern Livingston counties.

I-Gating (Internet Gate) for messaging (in to) and (out of) this RF service area is accomplished through a couple of home based 24/7 Internet connected WIDE1-1 home fill-in digi stations with different ISP's for redundancy and spaced far enough apart to avoid packet collisions that would add to local RF traffic congestion during message delivery.

Clay, N9IO is currently coordinating this network of digis with the help of APRS Gurus Art, N9ZZK and Eddie, K9EEW of the Grundy County ARC. All of the digis are current with the New-N Paradigm settings set forth by APRS inventor Bob, WB4APR.  Check out the APRS.org web site.
Most everything you need to know about the New-N Paradigm is on this page at www.aprs.org/fix14439.html
The site is maintained and information kept current by WB4APR.

Try these APRS Software Links:
Download the best APRS software available for Windows systems G4IDE's "UI-VIEW 32".
Download SV2AGW's Packet Engine to run through your sound card instead of a TNC.
The SOUND CARD PACKET Web Site by KC2RLM is by far the best informational site for the latest downloads and how to install APRS Software for use with a Sound Card. Use of AGW software is spelled out VERY WELL by KC2RLM.
For the sake of simplicity and reliability KARS highly recommends UI-VIEW 32 and a TNC to your 2m radio.


KARS ((Wide)) Coverage
RF DX Packet Cluster
at 300 feet
and Telnet DX Cluster
W9AZ RF/Telnet DX Packet Cluster
Telnet DX Cluster w9az.ddns.net

KARS RF DX Packet Cluster pictured below
145.530 mHz
Running the very latest version of Windows© based AR CLUSTER©.

Use this AR Cluster© On-Line Users Manual
The AR Cluster© Users Manual is local here at w9az.com - "Click Here"

                Packet Cluster 145.53 mhz at 300 feet at the tower
                (W9ZRX setting up the W9AZ AR Cluster)
W9IE, W9PA ex(W9ZRX), and K9NR.
Pictured above are Ken W9IE, Dave Zeph W9PA and Don K9NR.
(W9PA drove all the way up from Indianapolis to set up the W9AZ AR Cluster)
Thanks so much Dave.  We realize you have saved us weeks of experimentation to "get it right!"
This state of the art system at 300 feet features a direct T-1 connection via high speed spread spectrum link.

Software Downloads that utilize DX Packet Cluster
Download these "free" software packages now and make full
use of the W9AZ Cluster.

CC User by VE7CC the author of CC Cluster
CC User is a full featured Telnet and TNC program for use with CC Cluster , AR Cluster , DX Spider , CLX, DxNet, or WinCluster Nodes.
32 Bit Windows Program that allows "point and click" setting of node parameters. Runs under WinXP/2000 and later versions of Windows.
[Download Page]


  Written by Tony I0JX
ClusterMaster operates in MS Windows© 3.1 / 95 and 98
((( Download no longer available but Tony does support with updates listed below ))).

ClusterMaster connects from your TNC
and/or via Telnet On-Line!

Keeping Cluster Master updated
the most recent PREFIXES.TBL file dated 01 January 2008
the most recent DXCC.TBL file dated 01 January 2008

Click Here for I0JX Web Site at QSL.NET

  Written by Michael McAmis W1ECT
XMLog is an amateur radio logbook system for Windows systems through Windows 7. 
There is no charge for using XMLog and no limitation on its non-commercial distribution.
Permission to distribute XMLog for profit is prohibited. 

XMLog Features:
- Flexible log searching
- Awards tracking
- Callbook lookups
- Label printing
- Log importing
- Packet Window
- PacketCluster Spots
- CW keyboard
- CW messages
- Internet

Download XMLog here
Click Here for W1ECT's XMLog

Writelog for Windows
 WriteLog for Windows combines the convenience and ease of use of Windows with the performance and features required by the top contest operators. No other package matches WriteLog’s support for CW, Phone and RTTY contesting.
Whether you are a casual contester who only makes a handful of QSOs, or one of the big gun multi-ops that demands full networking and spotting support, WriteLog has the score improving features you need.
Order Writelog for Windows at the http://writelog.com/ web site, click Ordering.
(Writelog for Windows is the preferred contest software of the majority of KARS seasoned contesters)

N1MM Free Contest Logger
 The N1MM Logger is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging.
It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. but is mainly a contest logging program.
Check the Features listing.
Check out N1MM's features at the http://www.n1mm.com/ web site.

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