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The QSL card shown below is that of Dr. J.R. Wilkinson, "9AZ" of Kankakee Illinois.  The card was sent to "9APY" of Berwyn, IL in November 1925. The callsign 9AZ was changed to W9AZ in later years.  The earliest record of W9AZ as a member of the Kankakee Amateur Radio Club; (a forerunner of the present club) is in early 1942.  Dr. Wilkinson became a silent key in 1945.  In 1962, research into the possibility of obtaining a two letter call for the Club Station was successful when it was learned that Dr Wilkinson had been a member in 1942.  Application for a license was made with proper certificates submitted to the FCC and a license was issued in 1962.  President of KARS in 1962 was Mervin Reed, K9CZA.

Note: the ARRL logo in the lower left corner.
The card was printed by "Radio Printers" of Mendota, IL.  Wonder if they're still in business?

1925 QSL card of J.R. Wilkinson, 9AZ, Kankakee, IL

Back side shows the card was sent to 9APY

A little history from the KARS Web Master, N9IO:
This 9AZ qsl is an important bit of history to KARS. The "missing link" if you will.  The card came to us by chance as a result of e-mails sent "keeping in touch" with a very long time friend of mine Paul W9AC (now of Jacksonville, FL).  Great thanks go to Paul for his contribution to the KARS Archives.  Paul and I met at about age 12 or 13 while we were both growing up in Joliet, IL.  Paul already had a novice license at that time, (WN9JCG) and was eager to help me get a license as well.  In fact, Paul does'nt know it, but I taught Morse Code to my wife, son and daughter on the straight key that Paul gave to me in 1972. In addition, Paul would send morse to me on the touch tone telephone in order to help me get my speed up. Few people had touch tone back then, thank goodness Paul's father W9EAC (sk) worked for the telephone company.  One more thing, I made my first CW contact from Paul's house on his Johnson Viking II Transmitter. (I'm getting goosebumps writing this) I started shaking and Paul finished the QSO for me.  You were a good friend and influence to me Paul, Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for helping me get into this hobby.  It's been a very big part of my life!

Next is a portion of an e-mail I received from Paul W9AC concerning the 9AZ QSL card:
I've scanned both front and back.  I'm sending the back side in another message to break-up the large file size.  Also, send me your address and I'll donate the card to the club.   The proper place for it is back with your club.  At least these images will get you going on your project.  The 9AZ QSL card was of particular interest to me many years ago since my old call sign was N9AZ.  I'm now W9AC which had belonged to the late, great Bill Halligan, founder and president of Hallicrafters.

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